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Domain name registration is the first and probably the most important aspect of setting up your website. The domain name is the address that internet users will enter into their browser in order to access your site, for example

Domain names are not purchased outright, instead they are rented from one of the central databases, Nominet in the UK and ICANN in the United States for an agreed period of time. At the end of this rental period you will be offered the opportunity to renew the name or names you have registered for a further period of time. If you decide to relinquish the name or names then they will be available for others to acquire.

It is often prudent to acquire a range of names closely associated with your business for example, and, This has several advantages. Firstly it stops others from fraudulently tapping into the success of your business by using a name very similar to your own and secondly this range of names can all point to one website thereby maximizing your opportunity to drive traffic to your website.

At WebTimeDesign you can also rest assured that you or your business will always be the registered owner of your domain name and we will be acting solely as your administrators. This is an important point as there are some less principled companies that will register names on behalf of their clients in their own names, only to then charge hefty fees should the client wish to take his business elsewhere.