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Your website will most likely be the first point of contact that potential customers have with your business, it is essential therefore that it represents the professionalism and values of your enterprise as well as capturing the imagination of the visitor.

At WEBTIMEDESIGN we pay special attention, when creating  a design, that not only is it appealing to the eye but also clearly reflects your business message, providing easy access to the key elements of information about any products or services you provide through  a well thought out and logical website navigation sequence.

Having a fresh, exciting website design is one thing, but it also needs to be found among the 14 billion pages that go to making up the world wide web. There are several methods of achieving this, but one of the basics is in the design and make up of the website itself, paying special attention to keywords and phrases in your text and keeping the information about your products and services focused on the subject at hand.

Our service to you will not end once your website is live. we provide full ongoing support to keep your website current and fresh with various levels of web management available, ensuring that your investment continues to add value and attract new business.